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I love Daigo Atsushi so much, definitely one of my favorite porn stars. I miss him. I would love to see that. More Diversity in gay porn. So fucking tired of the with boy jock look. Your email address will not be published. BelAmi Special Sale.

Twitter Tumblr. Comments Colby looks good! Never heard of Daigo Atsushi before! What a cute fella! It seems smaller than his right? A lot longer.

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He is very very very popular among Japanese gay porn industry, up and coming. Thais seem to be mostly uncut. I haven't seen a lot of Asians from other countries in porn. Christians don't get circumcised because that is the practice in the old testament. Although they love to quote the OT to bully us.

Christians are not required to get circumcised to eNter heaven, but there must be a reason why they have been circumcised. Perhaps Jewish influence in the country or perhaps poor sanitary conditions in the past that required depriving men of their foreskin Antifapping charlatan Kellogg with his motherfucking corn flakes which are counter-revolutionary and yogurt enemas, bro beans R Ideals of beauty have changed over the last 10 years.

Asian features are more desired than ever before. It all started with Japanese Visual Kei. And the problem with that is what, exactly? Is massive muscle what does it for you? Isn't it all about proportion? That's actually true and not nly it is the case with Asian muscle men but with many of them regardless of ethinicity.

In photos they look huge and even tall, but in real life they barely weigh 70kg. I repeat: What the FUCK is wrong with that? Actually, nothing, but there's something wrong with those of you who are harping on this amazing, incredible, unbelievable revelation, which you think makes you look smart but actually has the opposite effect. Just my personal choice but massive muscles aren't very appealing. It looks unnatural and detracts from a guy's good looks.

Now I recalled. This is a guy who in who showed his homophobia by supporting Kim Davis. It caused controversy and criticism rose not only because of his homophobic position but also because it is contradictory that he is homophobic and at the same time he does fanservice kissing and touching other male members in his group sexually. He then apologised but I don't believe him, he simply saw himself cornered because homophobia is less acceptable today and people made clear they don't like his homophobia.

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I don't remember if he's been posted before but this guy is muscular as hell and GAY! He's also quite handsome. I would not be surprised if some of them were also escorts. Is the relationship between bodybuilders and gay men as complicated in Thailand as it is in the west? R, he's probably not trying to flaunt his crotch. Most of the compression pants are made not to showcase the crotch. In fact, bulges are usually understated in compression pants. Most dudes are more motivated to show off their hamstrings or even butts in compression pants. I have seen similar type of leggings as they seem to be popular these days in the gym, but tose types are different, they are more loose around the crotch are area with a different cut that uses more fabric so the penis is not visible.

But that type is definitely to show offthe dick R I can't deal with Korean bodybuilders. They try so hard to look hyper heterosexual and like women are dying for them that the whole thing look so inauthentic and desperate on their part.

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Hosted on Pinterest the pic apparently belongs to a magazine called Street Jack Perhaps you can find more about him using that reference. I totally fancy the one in wine colour t-shirt. He actually shows some butt crack on his twitter account. Not many Japanese men have the aura of an alpha male, but he totally has it and owns it. Not a muscle dude, but you can't get much cuter than 19yo basketball player Kobe Paras. His family is considered the Kardashians of the Phillipines.

I know there is already a thread about it, but do you know why Asian men are to some extent deemed less attractive? It's due to something called neoteny. Neoteny is when human beings retain childish characteristics. Usually Asian people look younger than people of other ethnicities. Asian men tend to have less muscle mass, they usually lack body hair, etc.


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Countries like Japan seem to have a preference for neoteny. Just look at Japanese women who usually exlpoit childish appearance and personality because Japanese men find it attractive. Their culture from ancient times shows preference from neoteny. You can see statues in Hasedera where there are lots of cute child-looking buddhas. A little off topic but why do the guys in Asian porn always look as though they are either in pain or experiencing an existential crisis while taking a dick?

Why do bodybuilders like him feel the need to pose totally naked in front of other men or why even take pics to then make them available to the general public? Pure art my ass.

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Can we really and honestly deny there is always at least a minimal intention to inspire erotic feelings on the viewer? Not suggesting gay or hetero; just an animal desire or impulse to invite the viewer to see him as an object of erotic desire. Some time ago I read Asian men tend to have less sex drive than men of other ethnicities so I wonder if bodybuilding turns them into sex beasts Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Link to the original thread. Standford swimmer. R3 Kevin needs a better hairstyle but he is hot.

His only flaw is that he is heterosexual, or so we assume, R4. Kevin Akinobu is frighting looking. Nakahiro Ito goes by Howard Chang and is a go go boy. Or else Nakahiro Ito took that photo of Howard Chang. This is how Maccho29 serve their clients. Even if you don't ask for the flexing they'll flex anyway. If someone knows the story of this man to tell us about him.

For r Thanks R16 Another one. Any Cambodian or Laotian studs? What ocean? Japanese muscle men unleashed.

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