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On Monday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill that toughens penalties against gay people and makes some homosexual acts crimes punishable by life in prison. Here, Akram Kalungi, a gay man from Kampala who works in a video store, is pictured with his partner. Image by Daniella Zalcman.


Uganda, In and , photographer Daniella Zalcman travelled to Uganda to photograph gay rights activists and their partners. The Ugandans photographed here are open with their sexuality, but many of their partners still hide their homosexuality.

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Rachel, left, poses here with her partner. Robert Luzinda, left, with his partner.

East Africa’s Queer Community Searches for a Home of Its Own

Since this photo was taken, Robert has fled his hometown of Kampala for Dubai. The bright light flooding the frame offers a visual metaphor for the unwanted surveillance gay Ugandans endure.

Naughton increasingly sees himself as a documentarian of queerness in the present moment. A young transgender woman named Javan embodies the qualities Naughton describes. After surviving brutal abuses in Uganda, Javan fled to Kenya.

Gay Couples in Uganda

What kind of example do I show for other Ugandan trans people if I leave? In a luminous portrait Naughton made of Javan near her home in Kampala, she looks directly into the camera with a look of calm empowerment.

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You can follow Jake Naughton on Instagram and check out more of his photography on his website. All rights reserved. By Sarah Stacke.